What is STÜSSI Inventive?

Stüssi Inventive came into existence because there was a need for a suiting name for this website and everything it stands for. This project was called ‘Raphael Stüssi Photography’ for over a decade but it has since evolved into much more than just photography. Videography, graphic design, web design and much more is combined into what is now called Stüssi Inventive.

What is this Website about?

This website’s main purpose is to showcase the work and concepts of Raphael Stüssi. While most of my work was based on landscapes, animals and macro photography for a long time it’s now time to move on to something a bit different: portrait photography.
The portfolio is growing constantly and more content is about to be released soon.

Is The portfolio on here complete?

No. I have taken well over a million pictures so far and there’s no way to show them all off on here. That’s not the point of this portfolio. The idea behind this website is to share my key pieces that I like most. Some images might disappear from here as soon as I capture something that I like more. Some of the images I have taken have been commissioned by someone and I cannot show them here or at all in some instances. A couple of my images have been printed or posted on other sites. You might have already seen a couple of them without knowing it. We’ll probably never know.

Who is Raphael Stüssi?

I’m a Swiss photographer and graphic artist who has always been fascinated by art. Many passions have come and gone in my life so far but photography and graphic art as a whole managed to stay with me ever since I held a crayon in my hands for the first time a bit over a quarter of a century ago.

I spend most of my free time either behind a camera or with creating art of some form. My professional background as an IT Senior Systems Engineer has helped me quite a lot in the process of optimising workflows and adopting new techniques to create results that are even closer to what I have in my mind.

I’m a creative person who always pushes for the extra mile. I like learning new skills, meeting new people and creating special things.

If you wish to learn more or if you’d like to work on a artistic project with me please do not hesitate to contact me!